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About ComWorks Inc. - Philippines

About ComWorks Inc. - Philippines

With an extensive chain of consumer mobile retail outlets, ComWorks reaches out to connect to the world through the latest devices and gadgets. The best and leading brands of mobile handsets, tablets, and accessories are available across all our outlets!

ComWorks Clickstore was launched in January 2015 to support ComWorks 30+ retail stores all over the country. ComWorks Clickstore made its presence online to those who want to shop easier, faster and get better deals.

ComWorks Clickstore offers the latest and stylish phones and electronic gadgets with one year warranty, conveniently accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ComWorks Clisckstore offers nationwide delivery throughout the Philippines. All orders are securely processed online thru Paypal for card transactions and Dragon Pay thru cash transactions.

ComWorks Clickstore provides excellent After Sales Support to customers. Our customer service responds as quickly as possible because we know a customer is for life.

Through the years, ComWorks is consistently ranked as one of the Top 300 businesses in the Philippines and it is currently Number 1 in Wholesale of Telephone and Communications Equipment Parts and Accessories for 2011.
— Business World, Philippines


  • Smart Most Promising Dealer 1996
  • Smart Top Producer Gold GSM
  • Smart’s Hello World Card Top Dealer 1998
  • Top Producer for Smart Gold GSM 1999
  • Smart Most Promising Dealer 1996
  • Smart Top Producer Gold GSM
  • Smart’s Hello World Card Top Dealer 1998
  • Top Producer for Smart Gold GSM 1999
  • PLDT Rookie of the Year 2001
  • CellStar Dealer of the Year Platinum Award 2001
  • Top Regional Dealer Award for Asia-Pacific, Mitsubishi Mars Program 2001
  • PLDT Sales Recognition Award for Prepaid Card Business 2002
  • CellStar Dealer of the Year 2002
  • CellStar Most Excellent in Phone Sales 2002
  • Sun Cellular New Subscriber Sign Up Program, Top Dealer Award 2003
  • Nokia Home Communication Top Dealer Award 2003
  • Sun Cellular Over-All Top Distributor Award for 2003
  • Sun Cellular Top Distributor for Postpaid Activation 2003
  • Sun Cellular Highest Achievement in Postpaid Activation for 2004
  • SmartLink Top Distributor for 2004
  • DME Leadership Recognition in the Field of Game Access Distribution and Excellent Service 2005
  • Dream Satellite TV Recognition as Valued Partner 2005
  • ABS-CBN Recognition as Tantra Partner Distributor 2005
  • DigitAll World Ltd. Korea Sales and Promotion of DigitAll World IRD in the Phils 2005
  • SmartLink Top Distributor for 2005
  • Smart Dealer of the Year Award 2006
  • Smart Best in Phonekit Sales 2006
  • Smart Best in SMARTBro Sales 2006
  • SmartLink and SmartAces Top Card Distributor 2006
  • PLDT Top PWDE Card Performer 2006
  • Sony Ipela Market Expansion Award for IP Monitoring 2006
  • Smart Recognition of Achievement for 133% of Activation Sales 2007
  • Smart Recognition of Achievement for 110% of Airtime Sales 2007
  • SmartLink Top Card Distributor for 2007
  • SmartLink Top Domestic Card Distributor 2008
  • PLDT – Top CSF Agency 2008 – DSL Category
  • Top Domestic Distributor of Smart 2009
  • PLDT – Top CSF Performer based on Target Achievement 2009
  • Samsung Champ Award (Highest Sales Growth) 2010
  • Cambium Networks Highest Growth Distributor 2012
  • Smart Appreciation for Invaluable support & commitment 2013
  • PLDT Home Top MyBro Performer - CSF Category based on Volume 2013
  • Golden Globe annual Awards for Business Excellence - Best Information Communication Technology Company 2013
  • Clearsight - Provincial Platinum Dealer 2013
  • Azure Shine International Awardee 2013
  • Cambium Networks - Authorized Distributor 2013
  • Smart - Project Airtime Sales Increase Avengers Award 2013
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