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PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid


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THE SERVICE  Home WiFi Prepaid is a broadband only service (no voice line) powered by Smart LTE. It comes with a plug and play LTE modem and a Smart Bro SIM.  Up to 5 devices can connect to the modem simultaneously.  The SIM shall work only with the provided LTE modem and vice versa.  The SIM will not be capable of incoming and outgoing calls. SMS service is activated and charges incurred thru sending of SMS shall be charged to the subscriber’s load.  The SIM shall be valid for 1 year from the date of zero airtime load balance. LOAD  The Home WiFi Prepaid service comes with an initial load of 10GB, which is valid for 7 days. Said load can be enjoyed once the modem is turned on for the first time.  Once initial load is consumed, the customer will not be able to use the internet and will automatically be led to a redirection page if browsing via a web browser. Said page will notify the customer on consumed load and will allow him/her to purchase Home Boost load packages via credit card. HOME BOOST VOLUME ALLOCATION VALIDITY HOME BOOST 15 (add-on to higher Home boost loads) 1GB 1 day HOME BOOST 50 1GB + 300Mb for Youtube, Spinnr, Vimeo 3 days HOME BOOST 100 3GB 1 day HOME BOOST 349 10GB 10 days HOME BOOST 599 15GB 30 days  If customer has not fully consumed the free 10GB and purchases a Home Boost load package, the free 10GB will be consumed first. The longest validity period shall be followed.  First in First Out (FIFO) shall apply if customer purchases multiple Home Boosts load packages. Same rule shall apply for the validity period.  The customer will be able to enjoy internet access only if subscribed to a Home Boost load package. He/she will not be able to access the internet with regular load only. Said load must be converted to a Home Boost package.  Home Prepaid WiFi customers may avail of Home Boost loads thru any PLDT Sales and Service Center nationwide, PLDT Smart Loading Station and via the PLDT Home Website:
PLDT SSC LOADING STATION HOME WEBSITE  Customer goes to any PLDT SSC  Customer asks for the Home Boost load from the SSC frontliner  Customer provides their Home WiFi Mobile Identification Number (MIN) to the frontliner  Organic SSC Cashier dispenses load to the  Customer goes to any PLDT Smart Loading Station  Customer asks for the Home Boost load  Customer provides their Home WiFi MIN to the retailer  Retailer dispenses the load to the customer via Retailer SIM or Keyword Selling NOTES:  Only load conversion is available in the Home Website. Given this, the customer must have regular load to convert to a Home Boost load via the website.  The customer must also be connected to their Home WiFi network to be able to access the loading page.  The URL mentioned below may be accessed by the customer even without load. Accessing this page will not consume the subscriber’s Home Boost or regular load.
customer thru a Retailer SIM
 Customer goes to  Customer selects preferred Home Boost load  Customer’s load is converted to selected Home Boost load NOTE: See attached comprehensive deck on Loading experience via the above-mentioned channels.
 Customers may also monitor their usage & load consumption thru This page can be accessed only if the customer is logged on to the Home WiFi network.  Regular load shall be valid for 365 days or 1 year.

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